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Respite House

What is a non medical crisis space?

The Respite House we are hoping to have the funding for would be very similar to Afiya House as described in the video Links below.

Who can stay?

The Respite House will be open to anyone needing a safe, calming and healthy space to spend a week while experiencing, or working to prevent, a mental health crisis.

How does it operate?

The Respite House will be staffed by people with significant Lived Experience. People may come and go to school, work or other activities. The voluntary stay can be up to two weeks.

How do I ask to stay there?

If you are experiencing a life interrupting crisis, and would prefer not to use the Psychiatric Emergency Services at the Hospital, you can contact us for a conversation about staying at our Respite House instead.

How is it funded?

Our goal is to receive funding for a two year Pilot Project. The Respite House would be free for Peers to access.

Can you help this important project happen?

If you are drawn to this idea and could help us meet our goal, we would love to hear from you!

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