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Our Story

“I followed the sparks of light. They lit the way for me to find my way through the darkness until it lifted. Lighting my pathway were people with Lived Experience who recognized I was undergoing trauma and the ensuing panic attacks and exhaustion were part of the human journey.

And they led me out.

By “being with” me.


There is a wisdom and understanding there called Lived Expertise, and creating non- medical crisis spaces where it can be shared to ease our neighbours mental wellness struggles will be an invaluable and irreplaceable resource for our community at large. These places operate successfully already around the world, easing the burden on other overwhelmed resources.  


No family or friend group is untouched by hard times.

See Spring after a long winter, with the light only those with significant Lived Experience hold within them." 

– Iris

"It took me so long, and I mean decades, to get to a place where I felt safe and whole.  What got me there?  Ultimately?  Trusting myself and finding people who I felt were trustworthy. Love and connection is everything.”

– Jenifer

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