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Let's Talk!

On the topic of...

This is an exciting time for people involved in modernizing mental healthcare systems. As the voice of Lived Experience and Lived Expertise Peer Support in Victoria, we will be facilitating the following conversations throughout 2022.


The Words that define usand shouldn’t.

Let’s talk about;

  • Language used in PES that is unacceptable and harmful.

  • Outdated diagnosis and discriminatory monikers.

  • Why it can be harmful to use words like “recovery”, “peers” and

    “therapeutic” in the wrong context.


The different types of Peer SupportPhilosophical and practical


Let’s talk about;

  • What is Lived Expertise Peer Support.

  • Why See Spring is bringing authentic, genuine and effective Peer Training

    to Victoria.


Healthy Social Opportunitiesfun community building for all


Let’s talk about;

  • Organizing fun times!

  • Dating, music, Art and laughs!


Telling our storyA Social Reform

What is our truth?

Who are the people with Lived Experience and Expertise in British Columbia. What role are they playing in the Social Reform Movement in Canada and worldwide. How can we celebrate their accomplishments and educate others. Let’s record our history our way!

On the topic of...

Topics and discussion groups can expand to any subject our community deems important and relevant.

Share with us your thoughts.

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