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Core Values

Territorial Acknowledgement:


We continually move towards a community that holds each other’s hurts with acceptance and hope.  To do this, we intentionally use actions and words that engage in the work of reconciliation.  We walk hand in hand with the First Nations’ peoples on whose land we live, work, learn and heal. 

Lived Experience:  

All human beings deserve to be seen and heard.  There is inherent value in everyone's personal struggles and sharing that lived experience is a gift.  This is why all of our employees and volunteers have been impacted by a journey with mental health.



The relationship between peers is mutual and non-hierarchical.   We are sojourners together. 

Boundary Making:


We consider the creation, knowledge, understanding, and modeling of our own healthy boundaries as essential to all aspects of well-being.



We listen to our feelings and respect that they are the greatest source of knowledge that a person has about themselves.  We are our own best experts.



We intentionally build on existing strengths.  We thoughtfully and purposefully move in the direction of continual growth. 




Self-determination is the right to make one’s own decisions, and the freedom from coercion.  We encourage people to trust themselves as they navigate their path.

Non-medical support:


We are committed to providing non-medical crisis assistance.   Our expertise comes from years of living with mental wellness issues.  We know what it feels like.  We understand stigma from being stigmatized.  We know what is helpful and what is not helpful for ourselves.  We are not all the same and we leave room for differences. 

Belonging and Community:


Human beings need to belong and be part of community.  Our peer support recognizes that there are barriers which keep us from developing healthy community connections. 


We are fearless advocates in a Social Reform Movement 


We actively engage in systematic changes needed to ensure the Voices we represent are heard and protected.  We do not turn away from the suffering of our peers.

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