See Spring Mental Wellness Coalition and its members would like to acknowledge the traditional ancestral unceded shared territory of the Songhees, Esquimalt and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples, on whose lands we live, work and play.

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Mission Statement

“See Spring Mental Wellness Coalition’s mission is to create healthy and supportive safe spaces for all.  We do this through peer support and advocacy for our community today and for future generations.”

Who We Are

See Spring was started by a group of Victoria area residents who saw a need for new Mental Health supports.  We are learning about the needs of our community and will make programs that work for us.

“Our version of Peer Support consists of ‘being with’.  We meet you on a level playing field.  We are not wiser or better or trying to fix you.  You are your own expert.  This is one of the reasons there is no interview process to access our services.  When we meet you we are not going to ask you about your medical diagnosis and history.  We are not going to ask who your doctors are. We are a group that welcomes anyone willing to help create safe spaces for people with mental wellness issues.  We welcome a diversity of opinions and do not pass judgment on people’s choices regarding medication, therapy, and wellness journey as a whole. We offer community and hope.  We are here to be with you, that is all.”


Although See Spring cares deeply about the following subjects, we are not service providers for the following;


~ Substance misuse 

~ Housing insecurity 

~ Employment assistance 

~ Government paperwork processors 

~ Legal advisers 


We recognize that these issues are important to our Community and support other organizations doing this work.

“With the results of the Questionnaire we will create reports and recommendations for change.  The data from the yes/no/maybe questions can create charts that show what is really going on in our community.  Story-type questions may also be used this way but they can also be used to describe our injustices in a relatable, human way.  You can fill out as little or as much as you desire.”

What's Happening Now

Please join us!  All are welcome to be a part of this effort.  You can do this by joining our email list, committees, and groups.  We are also actively collecting information about people's experiences through our questionnaire.  Make sure to check back on the website as we are always updating our information, posting relevant news articles, and opinion pieces.

Lived Experience

Our members all have Lived Experience and know firsthand what works, what doesn’t, and what needs to change.  We also know how it feels to not receive the help we need.

In the Works

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We are fearless advocates in a
Social Reform Movement

We actively engage in systematic changes needed to ensure the Voices we represent are heard and protected.  We do not turn away from the suffering of our peers.